:: Review From in Recovery Magazine 2014

Read the brief, inspiring words (a Twelve Step principle of recovery and a quote or adage from an elder, shaman or tribal tradition) and meditate on the picture- the sacred image. The next day, do the same with the following page of the same season. The compact sacred image centered on each page will be as holy as you will allow. Amazingly varied in style and design, from simple to complex - geometric lines, psychedelic swirls, real photo images or childlike squiggles and splashes - the pictures are intriguing and prove Christine Sundly's skill as a graphic artist. I have practiced gazing into some of the images, breathing easily and letting come to mind whatever surfaces, sometimes with revealing results; I emerge centered and rested.

The book says the practice of sitting in pictures is similar to traditions of other cultures, such as the Dreamtime of the Aborigines, the reliefs from Gobekli Tepe and even modern psychology's "creative visualization." All of these lend credence to the effectiveness of sitting in pictures. To me, it is simply an intriguing new venue for meditation. I love the diversity of the images and quotations. From ancient to modern, from Tanzanian to Gaelic to Cheyenne, from Lao-Tzu to Mahatma Gandhi to Don Miguel Ruiz, they proclaim All One. This appeals to my meditative mind. It works if I let, and it's worth it. By Lena H., "in Recovery" Book Review-Winter 2014

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Sitting in Pictures, Vision Meditations for Addiction Recovery

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