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Sitting in Pictures is published by Day By Day, Recovery Resources. 888  447 1683

$12.00 retail. 294 pages.

'Sitting in Pictures,' the practice of visualizing a harmonious reality and allowing that reality to manifest, is a Hopi tradition, but the custom is not confined to the Hopi peoples alone. Interactive meditation that aligns us to our Higher Power and the Mother Earth has been practiced by various peoples throughout the history of the world. Indeed, the vision quest of Native Americans may be a form of Sitting In Pictures, the Dream-time of the Aborigines, shamanic journeying, and even so-called modern psychology’s “creative visualization” is, no doubt, a similar endeavor.

The book, Sitting in Pictures contains a daily meditation format (similar to Day By Day) with an extraordinary difference. There will be very few words! Each page consists of

  • a recovery principle,
  • an image to “sit” in
  • and a quote or adage from a tribal leader or shaman

Dialogs go through my head, words, blah, blah. blah. It's not the real feeling. I say erase, erase, erase the words and get down to the meaning. I went to Sitting in Pictures and it helps convey real meaning. ~Phoenix Featherock

A work that cradles the heart with uplifting illustrations and inspiring messages. ~Dr. Joyce Starr, Author Coach, DrJoyceStarr.com

Maybe the idea of harmony. And the way a Hopi prays. A good life, a harmonious life, is a prayer. We don't just pray for ourselves, we pray for all things. We're famous for the Snake Dances, but a lot of people don't realize those ceremonies are prayers for rain and crops, prayers for life. We also pray for rain by sitting and thinking about rain. We sit and picture wet things like streams and clouds. It is sitting in pictures.
~Fritz (the Hopi Indian college kid)
It is easier for a seeker to grasp the healing message of a meditation when they can approach it by creating a door to the reality we heal in. This doorway or gateway is the daily "sacred drawing" from Sitting in Pictures. Traditional meditation books for healing and growth have been based on intellectual premises--wise words that stir the soul, but originate from the head. This meditation book will humbly attempt to draw healing, wisdom and guidance from other realities--for people who don't live so much in the intellect but dwell in the soul of our planet.

For Seekers of recovery, start manifesting your own recovery today by practicing the art of  "Sitting in Pictures" as an adjunct to your 12 Step program.

Sitting in Pictures is published by Day By Day, Recovery Resources--the same people who did the original DAY BY DAY recovery meditation book by Hazelden.